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Sonicbidder.com’s unique platform engages the audio and visual senses in a fast paced yet user friendly experience.

It’s Engaging

Sonicbidder.com consolidates the thrill of live auctions with an exhilarating 4-D sensory experience. It’s an enthralling system that keeps customers delighted as they participate in sales.

It’s Easy

Sonicbidder.com’s smooth interface practically moves buyers to participate in the cutting edge platform by design. It’s backed by a knowledgable staff to support buyer and seller inquiries.

It’s Everywhere

Sonicbidder.com’s global auctions bring thousands of bidders and millions of dollars in buying power to your event, internationally. Your sell will reach an audience at home and all over the world!

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Calling All Auctioneers!

Sonicbidder.com can host any auction you desire! Yes any, type of auction is a perfect fit for sonicbidder.com! Are you sick and tired of dealing with a slow online bidding process rife with problems? Or are you looking to expand your business into the global market? Sonicbidder.com offers you all of its amazing assets , along with real-time, interactive bidding, with no delays or issues! With the use of  the Sonic Bidder platform, you’ll get:

  • Full front and back end access to the entire auction process ( backup bidder info, etc.)
  • Complete flexibility; this is YOUR sale!
  • An engaging, real-time, exciting auction for your bidders
  • Individualized pricing: our fee is based on your auction’s size & a percentage of sales
sonic bidder auction software

Pretty much anything on the planet can be sold through this four dimensional auction platform from clothes, to camping gear, and even automobiles! The Vault’s global inaugural sonicbidder.com auction rolled out 139 lots in 4 hours, to earn a whopping $5.9 million! That’s bidding with power. That’s bidding with sonicbidder.com. Request a demo today!



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Sonic Bidder is a custom built online auction platform designed to enhance the auction buying experience.

This specially designed platform is like nothing that currently exists in the market today and offers pre-bids or absentee bids, along with our speciality, live auctions.

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