Are Vintage Motorcycles a Good Investment?

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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast or collector? You may be wondering whether vintage motorcycles are a good investment. These bikes have a certain allure and nostalgia that new models lack. They are often regarded as a symbol of style and class. These motorcycles are a work of art and are built to last. Owning a vintage motorcycle is a bold statement of your passion for biking and love for machines of the bygone era. But are they a good investment?

Vintage motorcycles are a good investment. Compared to vintage cars, these motorbikes are relatively cheap, take up little space, and are a total hoot to ride, but that is if the right factors are considered.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Vintage Motorcycle

The following are the essential aspects you should consider:

  • The Rarity of the Motorcycle: The more unique and extraordinary the motorbike, the higher its value will be. A limited-edition motorcycle will undoubtedly fetch a higher price.
  • The Condition of the Motorbike: It plays a significant role in determining its value. A vintage motorcycle that’s well maintained and restored to its initial state adds value compared to one left unattended.
  • The Brand Value of the Motorbike: Motorcycles from renowned manufacturers are always in high demand, even if they are decades old.
  • Vintage motorcycles are a worthwhile investment. You only need to do it appropriately and with a calculated approach. So, if you want to invest in your hobby, there are many remarkable machines you can choose from.

Types of Vintage Motorbikes You Can Consider for Investment

Are you looking to venture into the motorcycle world? You can choose from the affordable 1970s and 80s models – they’re fast appreciating.

For instance, the Yamaha FSI-E moped. It’s a darling to those who were teenagers in the 1970s. You’d have bought it for as little as £300 during this time. Nowadays, it has made it into the thousands mark. It would have gone for £1,500 a decade ago. Today its value has appreciated up to £5,000 and over.

Triumph T150

A sister bike of BSA Rocket 3, it’s one of the most iconic, interesting, and exasperating bike brands in the tales of vintage motorcycles. The most iconic of them all is the 70s build. It’s an exciting machine, dated 2006, a collaboration between P&M Motorcycles and Triumph frame builder. It’s a rare example of a 930cc engine. It has an estimated market value of up to £12,000.

Yamaha FSIE Moped

Are you looking to recapture your youth? The Yamaha FSIE is far more retro and perfect for drawing crowds. Over time, its price has been appreciated. It’s now estimated at £4,000 market value.

1958 Triumph Thunderbird

Having been in the store for a long time, the motorbike returned to the road recently and is in perfect condition. Although aged, its paintwork is still good. The fuel tank has a few marks, but its frame, forks, and side panels are unmarked. The bike is a very presentable, perfectly aged example.

The value of the machine has appreciated over the last few years. It’s hard to find and has an estimated value of up to £6,000.

1993 Suzuki RGV250

With an estimated value of up to £7,000, the Japanese two-strokes have shown signs of not depreciating soon. The market trend has also shifted to GP racer, and this is the ultimate choice of machine motorbike enthusiasts – it’s an exact copy of a GP racer.

1950 499cc Norton 500T

The Norton 500T is a legendary bike! It’s one of the finest machines ever manufactured and is proven to be competition worthy. The bike has recently been refurbished for use.
The 1950 499cc Norton 500T motorbike has risen in popularity over the past few decades. It’s a classic example of a fun bike. It has a short wheelbase, alloy barrel, and head made for a light and manageable machine. The motorcycle is now valued at around £9,000.

The 1949 Norton Model 30

The legendary 1949 490cc Norton Model 30 International was first introduced in 1932. It was available in several options, including the fast roadster and out road racer.
Although the vintage motorbike has been on display for the past few decades, it appears well cared for. Nowadays, it’s estimated to cost up to £20,000.

The 1978 Kawasaki KH250

At about £5,000, the vintage motorcycle sounds like a worthwhile investment. It’s a fantastic well-presented example of the legendary KH triple. This bike has recently seen tremendous popularity and market value growth and appreciation.

Ducati 350 SCR, 1969 349cc

The vintage motorcycle is the epitome of a great machine that needs no renovation. It’s a perfect example of a very desirable Ducati Street Scrambler. Its estimated value ranges from £4,000 to £5,000.

Ducati 900SS

The 1991 904cc Ducati 900SS is flashy and sure to turn heads. Its demand in the market has increased over time. It is a style icon vintage motorcycle that increases its value with time. It has an estimated market value of about £2,500.

Bantam D14

As much as it was everyone’s choice initially, it has become a trend for the new generation. The vintage motorcycle is easier to ride and maintain. Its price has appreciated. However, it’s a valuable ride. The price range for this vintage motorcycle varies from £1,200 to £1,800.

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