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The car buying experience is evolving, and you can be part of the transformation. You don’t have to scour Facebook Marketplace or Bring A Trailer for cars. No more waiting at a dealership when there are online car auctions available with opportunities around every corner! Whether it’s classic finds from bygone eras of muscle cars and brass-era beauties that bring out your inner gearhead, motorcycles engineered after World War II, or exotic masterpieces meant only for select drivers, these vehicles are all under one roof during a car auction event. Think about the convenient possibilities of having access to hundreds of cars, on any given day, without spending countless hours searching for “cars near me.” Car auctions are the simple and satisfying solution. 

Questions and Answers About Car Auctions

 buying guide for car auctions

One of the most frequently asked questions about car auctions is how to go through a car auction process. Since many people are new or uninformed with this kind of buying, it can seem scary and intimidating, as there’s so much unknown information out there! Don’t worry, you’re not in it alone. SonicBidder.com, one of the leading online car auction companies, has all the answers for you. We cover some helpful insights into what will take place during a car auction with SonicBidder.com and some general information about car auctions

What can I do on SonicBidder.com online auctions?
You can bid during live auction events, pre-bid before events, place an absentee bid, sell in an online auction, build you own auctions, or watch an online auction. Bidders can send messages asking questions with a live announcer. You’ll always be able to bid, raise your bid, ask a question, or share a vehicle’s information with someone else (which will be sent via an email with a link).

How do I register to bid?
Go SonicBidder.com and click on Auctions. Then Register to Bid. Or simply go directly there with a click here

How does live bidding work?
All bids are entered just by clicking inside the “Bidding Circle”. Simply click in the circle and follow the prompts! Alternatively, you can place a pre-bid before the live auction begins. Pre-Bids are a great way for you to enter you maximum bid and not have to sit around and wait for the lot number you’re interested in winning. Simply just bid it and forget it. SonicBidder.com then handles the rest for you.

I want to bid live on a listing. Where can I find more information about the vehicle?
When you are in a specific lot, you can view additional pictures of the lot on that main screen.

On the lower right hand side of the listing, you’ll see the description and star ratings. Sound and video are also available for most vehicles. Simply click the microphone or video icon on the bar below the vehicle’s main picture (if they speaker icon is grayed out, they are not available for that specific vehicle).

See how this all works in a video tutorial

How do you handle last-minute bids? 
If a bid is placed within the final seconds of a live auction, the countdown timer will automatically reset to it’s allotted time. When the allotted time is met, the Bidding Circle will change color to green and a countdown will initiate. When the bidding is closed, the Bidding Circle will light up red.

Can I cancel my bid?
No bid may be retracted by Bidder/Buyer during the sale for any reason, regardless of whether bid is made in person, by telephone, or as an absentee bidder. All sales are final upon the Auctioneer’s declaration of vehicle sale.

What is a reserve and how does it work?
A reserve is the minimum price the seller is willing to sell the vehicle. All cars listed for auction are considered to have a reserve unless otherwise noted.

How do I know if an auction has a reserve?
Any vehicles offered at “No Reserve” will be identified in the listing description; all other lots will have a reserve.

What happens at the end of a bid time?
At the close of the sale, all winning bidders will be emailed their winning results (online car auctions only) and an invoice will be forwarded to the respective parties for final approval. Payment instructions will be given at that time.

What happens if I’m the winning bidder? How does payment work?
Congratulations! You will be notified automatically if you win. Payment for the purchase is due 72 hours upon receiving your invoice declaration as the winning bidder.

Where do the auction cars come from?
SonicBidder.com focuses on collector cars consigned from private sellers, Major Estates, Collections, or cars that have been placed for sale on our platform. (There are many types of car auctions out there and some car auction houses specialize in cars that were repossessed, police impounds, tow auction cars, cars from local dealers, etc…) 

What sets SonicBidder.com apart from other car auction platforms?
SonicBidder.com supersedes the traditional, one dimensional, proxy bid style online auction and instead glamor’s you with a real-time, interactive bidding process, where every sense is enraptured with Las Vegas style experience! Each and every bid is marked with a bell, backed with a fantastic musical beat. New bidders announced, countdown clock, and a final call are sounded throughout the auction. You’ll know exactly what is going on the entire time. All grading scales, pertinent information is on display, and you can examine every single aspect from the same page. Fill your sights with the plethora of images of each vehicle, inside and out. Best of all, move through the picture roll at your discretion and enjoy every gorgeous shot. Don’t take our word for it – check it out for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be waiting on pins and needles to give these cars a whirl.

Upcoming Car Auctions 

buying a car at an auction

Car auctions have been rapidly growing in popularity. Who wouldn’t want to be able to get their hands on every type of vehicle imaginable? Before, you had limited options for vehicles near where you lived, but now it’s easy to buy cars from all over the world through an online auction – anything and everything is only a click away.

With SonicBidder.com, you can experience live marketplace car auctions, online car auctions, or a hybrid car auction event, depending on your preference. SonicBidder.com car auctions are exciting and easy! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the entire journey right through to the finish line. Get in on the action and check out the SonicBidder.com upcoming car auctions!

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