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If you’re a budding car aficionado, you might have learned that one of the most exciting and exhilarating ways to purchase a specialty car is through a car auction. While you will be thrilled to drive away into the sunset with your new prized whip, buying a vehicle at auction usually takes some time to figure out and can be tricky. 

Buying Cars at Auction Tips

Collector car auctions online is an exciting way to get started in the auctioning arena. Yet if you’re new to this, you may wonder how it all works and how to ensure you get exactly what you were promised. 

The key is to select a reputable and established car bidding site so that you can rest easy knowing the vehicle you buy is the one you’re seeing online. There are a huge plethora of bidding auction websites to choose from and one of the best classic cars online auctions is SonicBidder.com

The benefits to a car auctioning platform such as SonicBidder.com is that it gives you the ability to see a huge variety of pictures and even video of the vehicle you’re considering buying. Many online car auction platforms only show you one picture.

You’ll need full access to all the specifications, star ratings, descriptions, and using the best car auction sites means the information you’re viewing is accurate and complete.

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Bid for Cars Online 

Some commonly asked questions about how to buy cars from auctions online answered here may help you find your groove in the auction world, ensuring you successfully win the car of your dreams! 

How do I register to bid?

It’s best to register to bid before the auction event that you’re interested in. Most sites actually require that you create an account prior to the auction, as it may take a few days to confirm your registration. 

How does bidding work?

For most sites, bids are entered online during either the Live Auction or as a Pre-Bid. You’ll be informed if you’ve been outbid and depending on circumstances and time remaining, you’ll be able to increase your bid.

How are last-minute bids handled? 

If a bid is placed within the final minutes of an auction, the auction timer will automatically extend. When the allotted time is met, the bidding will close.

Can I cancel my bid?

On almost all car auction sites, you may not retract your bid during the sale once it has been placed.

How much is the buyer’s fee?

The buyer’s fee in car auctions varies depending upon the auction. Most often, it is a percentage of the winning bid, usually at or around 10%. 

Will I pay any other fees?

Most auction sites will have a few additional fees, perhaps including wire transfers, Title or document fees, sales taxes (if you do not qualify as exempt), and most importantly, shipping costs.

How do I get my vehicle after purchase?

It is typically the purchaser’s responsibility to arrange for and pay for the shipping of the vehicle.

how online car auctions work

Auto Auctions Online 

This will most likely just whet your appetite for more knowledge on how car auctions work. Just do your research and then you’re ready to enjoy the ride!

One of the best places to start this journey is car auctions hosted on SonicBidder.com. We host a variety of auctions for car buyers and sellers for every specialty car, truck, and motorcycle out there! Car dealers often use SonicBidder.com to host classic and muscle car auctions, antique car auctions, muscle car auctions online, vintage car auctions USA, and exotic car auctions to name a few. Follow us on social media or keep an eye on our website to stay abreast on upcoming car auctions through the exciting SonicBidder.com auction site. We can’t wait to help you drive off in the car of your dreams!

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