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If you’re in the market for your first prized whip or looking to add to your collection, look no further than SonicBidder.com. We offer unrivaled car auction buying services online through our unique SonicBidder.com auction platform and in-person car auction experiences. If you’re new to the classic car auction world, don’t worry! We are here for you. SonicBidder.com has been built upon the specialty car auction foundation and we know how to make your experience as easy and exciting as possible! Did we mention that we specialize in classic, muscle, brass, exotic, and antique cars, to name a few? Plus, you can choose from SonicBidder.com’s online car auctions, hybrid car auctions (both online and in-person auctions for classic cars), or live car auction events nearby. Our collector car auctions on the SonicBidder.com platform are second to none and we welcome you to come experience our services for yourself! 

classic car auctions near me

Classic Car Auctions Near Me

We know this can be a daunting experience and we’re here to help! Check out our expert tips for bidding at auctions to equip you with all you’ll need to know about buying a vehicle at an auction

  1. Know the Cars You Like! 

Make sure you leave with a car you love by checking out all the available options at the upcoming classic car auction. Peruse pictures, car details and descriptions, and pick out your top choice, as well as a few backups. Check out VIN numbers, classic car values, what classic cars make the best investment, production numbers, recent auction prices, and so on. 

  1. Research the Auction Bidding Site

Classic car auction houses vary in approach, so it’s important to know the auction fees where you’ll be. A fairly usual fee that you will have to pay on top of the bid amount (or the “buyers premium”) is a non-negotiable 10% but this depends on the actual auction house. Don’t forget to factor in sales tax if you’re not shipping out of state. It’s also useful to research the general car auction process at your auction house of choice!

  1. Set Your Classic Car Auction Budget

Before you even start the car auction process, you’ll want to know exactly how much you want to spend, including the fees mentioned above. Classic car and truck auctions can offer some incredible deals but you also want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for! Make sure to also account for car auction registration and title transfer, shipping, general maintenance, and any upgrades, restoration, or customization you’ll want to pursue. Classic car auctions can be extremely exciting and it’s easy to get carried away and continue bidding beyond your budget.You may have to walk away from your first choice and you’ll still most likely end up with a gem of a car! You could even decide to participate in another auction to find a comparable car to your first choice. In any case, you hold the power to purchase your dream car! 

  1. Plan Ahead for a Classic Car Auction

Specialty car auctions are a ton of fun, which you’ll have more of if you’re organized. Doing a few simple steps ahead such as registering to auction, arranging for shipping, bringing the correct form of payment, having all ID, insurance, and other such pertinent items with you will make the process much smoother! 

Online Classic Car Auction – SonicBidder.com

Does this information get you revved up to get a classic car at auction? It should!! If you want to go about it in an exciting and completely unique way, try an online car auction experience! SonicBidder.com is overjoyed to use our exciting platform with car buyers everywhere! We welcome you to an utterly unrivaled interactive car bidding experience!  Gone are the days where your classic car online auction experience is watching a single boring clock or image, dealing with immense delays, internet issues, and knowing that you’re at least a block behind the actual auction! 

Instead, with SonicBidder.com car auctions, you’ll enjoy a custom-built online auction platform designed to enhance your car auction buying experience. On one fantastic page, you’ll experience: 

classic car auction events
  • Music
  • Complete real-time bidding with no delays
  • Real-time bid bells
  • New bidders announced
  • Countdowns
  • Final call
  • Bid lights
  • Bid amounts
  • Overall current price
  • Grading scales
  • Images galore of the exterior, interior, engine compartment and all parts of the vehicle
  • Immediate notifications of bid-winners before moving on 

Give the experienced and qualified staff at SonicBidder.com a call today to get started on your online car auction journey! We can’t wait to get you in your dream ride!

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