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A buzzing excitement in the air, flashing lights, the fall of the hammer, and a call of an auctioneer…Auto auctions provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences that’ll get you coming back for more. Many car aficionados only participate in auto auctions as a buyer, yet selling at an auto auction can be a very profitable play. If you go with the right deck – knowing important facts for a successful sale – then you’ll enjoy the process and appreciate your financial outcome. SonicBidder.com is here to share a few “how to sell your car at auction” tips to ensure a smooth sale!

Sell a Car at Auction Tips

Knowledge is key especially if you’re a novice to car auctions. What are all the car auction dos and don’ts? It will ease your mind to know the answers to all your burning questions like how much does it cost to sell your car at auction, how to put cars up for auction, where can I auction my car for a good price, how do I consign my car with an auction house, and more! Don’t worry, SonicBidder.com has your back. Our tips on how to sell a car at auction set you up for success.

sell a car at auto auction

Find the Best Car Auction Company

It’s crucial to find the right fit for your car auction sale. Read car auction company reviews and ratings, do some research, and then contact them for their car auction terms and conditions. You’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into and what your return will be. Don’t forget to take all the little fees into consideration when making your final decision on which car auction house to choose

Vehicle Description and Photos for Car Auction

Create a description of your vehicle that is factual and accurate. Buyers want to know every detail about your car in direct, simple language that states the facts. Since some of your viewers may be online only, their sense of trust and security comes from knowing the details and history of the car. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true for selling in an auto auction too! If you’ve chosen an auction company that uses a professional photographer for your car, then you’re in good hands. If not, hire one and make a plan for what shots need to be included. Excellent photos will sell your car! 

Preparing Your Car for Auto Auction

Make your prized whip sparkle! Having her gleaming from bumper to bumper is a key component of getting a high price on your car at auction. Detailing inside and out can really make the difference. 

Auto Auction Tips

Just a few more little tidbits…Before auction, have a vehicle inspection done. Be sure everything is working, fix any minor issues, and disclose any major ones. Run a title check to make sure it’s clear (or take care of any liens to clean it up). Then top off her tank and get her on the auction block! 

Sell My Car at Auction Near Me

The allure of an auction is a thrill that’s truly unrivaled. SonicBidder.com hosts a wide variety of car auctions, including hybrid auction events (simultaneous online and in-person bidding), online auctions for vehicles, and live car auctions. You have a few ways to sell a car at auction when you choose SonicBidder.com. Consign your car to sell at auction and we’ll take care of all the work, all you have to do is collect your check. Depending on the auction, we can buy your car outright and then auction it, or you can list your car for auction with us. Yet another option is to host a car auction yourself through SonicBidder.com – don’t worry, we’ll help every step of the way! The options (and the benefits) are endless with SonicBidder.com auto auctions. Give us a call today to sell your car at auction or check out our “Sell Your Car” page dedicated solely to selling in an auto auction. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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