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SonicBidder.com is thrilled to present the best hybrid auction experience on the market today! At ever-increasing rates, sales are moving online, making it in every business’s best interest to diversify methods of online selling. Enter hybrid auctions. With one fantastic event, your business can capture the selling potential of two audiences: the in-person live auction event and the online virtual auction. The benefits of these simultaneous live auctions sites online and in-person are simply stunning. Buyers and sellers alike have raved about the ease of use, accessibility, and advantages of the hybrid auction world.

What are Hybrid Auctions?

Tired of the myriad problems stemming from online auctions, long term industry experts at SonicBidder.com created a custom built online auction platform that allows for both live and online bidding at the same time. The unique appearance and conditions of SonicBidder.com are based on user experience. Our designers, skilled seasoned veterans from all phases in the auction industry, created this amazing platform with every detail scrutinized and planned. This unique hybrid platform allows engaged active bidding from anywhere on the globe that eliminates the issues of web/internet speeds, server capacities, and other outside dynamic influences that affect client bids or cause delays between your customers and auctioneers. 

This specially designed platform is like nothing that currently exists in the market today and offers hybrid live and online auctions simultaneously. Pretty much anything on the planet can be sold through this wildly successful auction platform. From cars, to clothing, to real estate and camping equipment, if you have a product to sell, hybrid auctions are the way to go. 

Why Use Hybrid Auctions

With hybrid auctions being new to the market, there are a lot of questions surrounding how hybrid auctions work and why one would want to use them (either as a participant or seller).

Best Auction Experience

You don’t have to worry about your clients feeling bored with the same old traditional one-dimensional proxy bid style. Proxibid live and online auctions have evolved into something brand new with SonicBidder.com, where the four dimensional experience is unparalleled. Real-time, interactive bidding for both online and live auction customers are marked with a bell, backed with a fantastic musical beat. New bidders, countdown, and final call are announced throughout so your buyers know exactly what is going on throughout the entire bid. All grading scales and key pertinent information is on display so that your customers can examine every aspect of the product from the same single page. You can provide hundreds of images for your clients to browse, enabling them to move through the picture roll at their discretion and pace. 

Hybrid Auctions Worldwide

Including both live auction sites and simultaneous online auctions provide your business with the benefit of double exposure. With online auctions, geography is irrelevant. You can market early to your global online auction clients and far before the auction, they can set up accounts, peruse the products, and have everything organized to buy, buy, buy. Ultimately, this gains you more participants than a traditional live-only auction. Additionally, you’ll have your live auction event where you’ll access all your clients who live nearby and have found you through a “live auctions near me” search, email blast, social media post, or any other method you use to connect with your customer base. Besides all that, your valued clients will appreciate the option of selecting which venue type suits them best. 

Online and Live Auctions Save Time and Money

With potentially less clients attending the live auction event, you’ll save money, time, and valuable manpower on smaller, more intimate live auction events. You always still have the option of making your in-person live auction a huge, “go big or go home” event. The choice is yours! 

Hosting Hybrid Auctions

Your best bet when choosing an online auction host is SonicBidder.com. Regardless of what you’re selling, you can host your auction on the SonicBidder.com platform. Any type of auction is a perfect fit for SonicBidder.com. If you’ve attempted this in the past, you may be a bit wary of a slow online bidding process, resulting in lagging lots that are rife with connection and buyer problems. We get it. Due to the amazing design of the SonicBidder.com hybrid auction software, we guarantee real-time interactive bidding, with no delays or issues. Additionally, with the SonicBidder.com platform, you’ll get:

  • Full front and back end access to the entire hybrid auction process (backup bidder info, etc.)
  • Complete flexibility; this is YOUR sale
  • An engaging, real-time, exciting auction for your bidders
  • Individualized pricing: our fee is based on your auction’s size & a percentage of sales
  • Depending on the products up for auction, we may charge a small listing, set up, or travel fee

You don’t have to take our word for it. Get a free demo of SonicBidder.com with a click and we know you’ll be convinced that a hybrid auction is the only solution for your auction needs!

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SonicBidder.com is a custom built online auction platform designed to enhance the auction buying experience.

This specially designed platform is like nothing that currently exists in the market today and offers pre-bids or absentee bids, along with our specialty, live auctions.

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