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Excitement buzzes in the air, products are gleaming and in prime condition, buyers explore the floor, finding the next treasure to make theirs with a bid, and with a thunderous voice, the auctioneer begins! Live auctions today are an engaging and exhilarating method to make a purchase, drawing customers from around the region. If you have a product to sell that is for localized use, this is a fantastic format to step into. 

With over 30 years of experience in the auctioning world, the creators of SonicBidder.com are well-versed in the advantages of live auctions for anyone with something to sell. With today’s market moving more online, having a live auction platform that sells simultaneously to virtual audiences and in-person audiences makes hosting a live auction event invaluable. 

Live Auctions Near Me

When you decide to host a live auction today, the best auction sites, like SonicBidder.com, will give you a few options of how to host your event. You can usually choose to have live in-person auctions, live online auctions, or a combination of both online live auctions with a simultaneous in-person live auction event. It’s important to understand the differences between these choices, so that you can access the most selling potential available.

What are live auctions?

In a live auction, your potential customers will be able to examine your products in person and ask questions before bidding begins. Traditional live auctions allow buyers to discuss items with you and review the catalog’s product details. Being able to interact with you and your products is part of the fun of live auctions. The draw of live auctions also include the social aspects of bonding over common interests and competing for the win. Your customers get the satisfaction of winning a bid and leaving with their product in hand (depending on what you’re selling) or at the very least, they’ll leave with a lasting image of what they’ve just purchased. What this means for you as the seller is that you’ll see an increase in sales, make more profit, and create satisfied customers as your buyers get caught up in the excitement of the auction. So many people search for “local auctions in my area” because they simply love the auction experience.

What are live online auctions?

Most online auction sites do not offer a parallel experience like this for your online live auction participants. They may simply view one picture of your product, place their bid, and then wait to see if they won. BORING!

SonicBidder.com is the polar opposite! In a completely engaging, entertaining, and real-time auction event, your live auction online buyers have the same engaging opportunities as those attending the auction live event. Every element is accounted for, music, new bidders announced, real-time auction bidding, hundreds of images and videos of your products, contact with you or your representatives, no delays, final countdowns, and more…with SonicBidder.com your live online shoppers get the entire experience. What this means for you is access to a worldwide live auction audience online. You can reach customers across the globe rather than simply those near you geographically. Best of all, you can still give them the same amazing auction live experience online with SonicBidder.com. When you’re searching for the best live online auctions sites, the most unique and top rated auction site you’ll find is SonicBidder.com. 

Benefits of Live Auctions

As a seller, you’ll enjoy higher profits, more sales, and form connections with customers through auctions live today with SonicBidder.com Give your valued customers the gift of a thrilling buying experience and host a live auction through SonicBidder.com today!

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SonicBidder.com is a custom built online auction platform designed to enhance the auction buying experience.

This specially designed platform is like nothing that currently exists in the market today and offers pre-bids or absentee bids, along with our specialty, live auctions.

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