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Calling all business owners, asset managers, and auctioneers! If you have a product to sell, we have the perfect way to sell it worldwide. Introducing the latest in online auction innovation, the SonicBidder.com online auction platform. SonicBidder.com provides an exciting, engaging platform for any entity to sell any product. Making the entire process easy for both the seller and the buyer, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the thrilling exhilaration that live auctions normally bring. We provide an unparalleled user experience for your customers with a real-time interactive bidding process.

Online Auction Sites Near Me

The best part of online auction sites is that they are accessible to everyone, regardless of location. Your customers may still resort to old search methods, such as “online auctions near me today” but that’s not necessary anymore. You no longer have to rely on audiences that are close to you geographically. Instead, you can simply visit SonicBidder.com to either participate in or host an online auction. Unique platforms like SonicBidder.com provide you unlimited access to all the benefits of online auctions. Why use online auctions

Convenience of Online Auctions

The best online auctions engage and entertain your customers from the comfort of their own home. Why are online auctions popular? Buyers can sign up, explore the products, prebid, live bid, share products, and enjoy images and videos of your products anytime, anywhere. Taking a break at lunch? Check out an auction online. Lounging on a Sunday morning? Enjoy the thrill of an online auction. You get the idea!

Online Auctions Save Time and Money

Auction sites online save you and your clients valuable time and money. Instead of setting up an expensive live auction event where you have to pay for the location, decor, and manpower to run that event, you can simply pay a nominal fee to host an auction online. The best online auction software does a majority of the work for you! Your customers don’t have to plan their time around when the auction will occur and figure out how to get to the event, they can simply enjoy it from their own home or on their phone. 

Worldwide Online Auctions

One of the biggest advantages of online auctions is that you can reach so many more auction participants and potentially create lifelong customers. Simply send out an email blast, post on social media, advertise online, and you’ll have people from all over the world attending your online auction event. More clients = more profit!

Best Online Auctions

Now that you’ve explored the many benefits of selling in an online auction, it’s important to know that not all online auctions sites are created equal. Yes, you can go for the traditional online auction websites to sell your products. Yet the reason why people choose to buy in an auction format is because it’s an exciting and engaging, unique way to shop. People crave the thrill, exhilaration, and adrenaline that comes with attending an auction event. Traditional online live auctions have none of this energy. 

If you want to go about engaging your target audience in an exciting and completely unique way, try an online auction through one of the best online auctions sites: SonicBidder.com. We welcome you to an utterly unrivaled interactive bidding experience!  Gone are the days where your customer’s online auction experience is watching a single boring clock or image, dealing with immense delays, internet issues, that result in a delay of at least a block behind the current auction lot.

Instead, we proudly present SonicBidder.com, a custom built online auction platform designed to enhance your client’s auction buying experience. On one fantastic page, they’ll experience: 

  • Complete real-time bidding with no delays
  • Real-time bid bells
  • New bidders announced
  • Bid from PC or mobile device
  • Countdowns
  • Final call
  • Bid lights
  • Energizing sounds and background engagement.
  • Current bid amounts displayed 
  • Contact with the auctioneer and/or your representatives to answer questions
  • Grading scales for all products
  • Images galore, buyers can explore hundreds of pictures of your products at their own leisure and pace
  • Videos of products which you can provide for your participants
  • Immediate notifications of bid-winners before moving on 

Best of all, this is YOUR auction, so it’s completely customizable for your specific wants and needs. Whatever your cause may be, we’ve got you covered, from benefit bidding auctions, to liquidation auctions, government auctions, charity auctions, online estate auctions, public online auctions, to car auctions online, and much more. 

Our SonicBidder.com platform provides you an easy and effective method by which to host your live online auction. Give the experienced and qualified staff at SonicBidder.com a call today to get started on your top rated online auction journey! 

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SonicBidder.com is a custom built online auction platform designed to enhance the auction buying experience.

This specially designed platform is like nothing that currently exists in the market today and offers pre-bids or absentee bids, along with our specialty, live auctions.

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