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Going once, going twice, SOLD! You may have missed out on the specialty car auctions that sold these beauties but don’t worry, SonicBidder.com has plenty more where those came from. We have a wide selection of collector cars for sale and we’ll make sure there is something just perfect waiting in the wings when it comes time for your auction. As true car aficionados, we know you never tire of browsing through pictures and videos of the rare, the exotic, the classic, and the muscles that we auction off. Enjoy browsing SonicBidder.com’s sold car inventory to get inspired and discover what your next prized whip may be! Then take a look at the full selection of currently available models at auction, find your match, and get ready to burn some rubber!

Auto Auctions through SonicBidder.com

Are you ready for the premier car auction experience in the world? Welcome! We all know that auctions are full of suspense and excitement but what if there was an interactive way for bidders to get in on the action when bidding online? That’s where SonicBidder.com comes into play. With our innovative system of enhanced audio-visual elements combined with real-time bidding, it’s no wonder our auction site is so popular for car auctions. If being right in the middle of the action is more your speed, simply select one of our hybrid or live auto auctions and roll out of here in the car of your dreams! 

For buyers and sellers alike, auto auctions on SonicBidder.com offer an unrivaled experience, one that’s sure to satisfy car collectors around the world! Our gearheads carefully select only the highest quality specialty auto specimens to auction – we specialize in classic cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, antique and vintage vehicles, resto-mods, pre and post war vehicles, and much, much more! But don’t take our word for it! Check out our gallery of sold vehicles – it’s proof positive that we bring the very best of the collector auto world straight to your garage. 

Ways to Buy a Car at Auction on SonicBidder.com

When you buy a car through SonicBidder.com, you’ll be able to choose a variety of ways to experience the car auction arena. Simply choose an online auction, a live auction event, or a hybrid version, where you’ll encounter other bidders both in-person and online. Regardless of which method you select, you’ll have a stunning auction experience! 

With SonicBidder.com online car auctions, the bidding process is like being in the center of a 3D movie. You feel yourself getting pulled into the show, with each bid pulling you further in! Music fills the arena, you hear the call of the auctioneer, the ring of the bell as each bid is placed, and you’re right in the thick of it. On your screen, you’ll experience a plethora of pictures and videos, displaying every curve of every classic, from tip to tail. If being directly in the mix is your preference, simply register for a hybrid or live auction car event

Ways to Sell a Car at Auction on SonicBidder.com

If you’re ready to trade in your pride and joy and move on to a different roadster, auctioning your car has never been easier. SonicBidder.com offers your beauty up to a global audience, ensuring that your collector will get the price it deserves. You have a few ways to sell your car at auction. Consign with SonicBidder.com and we’ll expose your specialty vehicle to over 14+ million people worldwide. List your collector car with us for a small fee or have us market your vehicle and you’ll gain access to our extensive network of car fans. Don’t want to mess with all that? Just sell your car to SonicBidder.com outright and we’ll take care of the rest! 

With Sonic Bidder, it’s really that easy! If you’re looking for the best specialty auto auctions for either buying or selling, look no further. Register to bid in our Upcoming Auction with a click or start the process to sell your car with SonicBidder.com today!

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