Which Cars Will Become Collectible in the Future?

Which Cars Will Be Collectible in the Future?

Finding and collecting classic cars for sale is typically a hobby for the rich, but many people with simple means manage to purchase and restore classic cars from their youth and other eras. However, the initial cost of buying a classic car is often so high that few people can get into the hobby, even if it is in bad repair. Add the costs to purchase another vehicle as a daily driver, the cost of repairs and parts, and the cost to garage both vehicles, and restoring classic cars becomes a costly and impractical hobby for many car enthusiasts.

This is one of the reasons that many younger people have become more interested in more modern cars. A car that can be purchased today can be used as both a hobby car and a daily driver, making it much more practical for younger car enthusiasts. Many people who love cars are curious about the new vehicles hitting the market. Many older people who love cars particularly enjoy collecting or restoring the cars from their youth, and younger people often wonder what car from their childhood they will think of fondly when they are older.

Of course, this has naturally led to much discussion about which cars on the market today are destined to become classic cars in the future. These are some of our picks here at Sonic Bidder.

Tesla Model 3

It would be difficult to start a list of future collectible cars without talking about the one that seems to gain the most headlines today. Teslas were one of the first electric cars marketed as sports cars. With a price that makes them accessible to many consumers but with enough buzz that nearly everyone wants one, these cars are already collector’s items. Most likely, they will continue to be popular among car enthusiasts.

Rivian R1T

It is rare to talk about a truck on a classic car list, but the Rivian R1T has such a unique design that it is destined to attract the attention of collectors. As one of the first so-called “cyber trucks,” this vehicle has captured a lot of interest among electric car enthusiasts. The R1T is one of the first offerings from the relatively new electric car company Rivian. While there has been a lot of speculation about the company’s overall financial health and long-term future, this should hardly matter in the future in terms of collectability. If the company fails, the truck will become a collector’s item based on its relative rarity, much like the DMC Delorian. If the company succeeds, many people will want to have one of the first cyber trucks ever produced.

Rimac Nevera

The Nevera is one of the first all-electric vehicles manufactured by Croatian automaker Rimac. Unlike the previous two entries on this list, the Nevera has a limited production of 150 vehicles. Between the intense interest in this car, the already relative rarity of Rimac vehicles in the United States, and the severely limited production of the Nevera, rare automobile collectors have mostly snatched up these vehicles. With a base price of over two million dollars, however, they are certainly not designed for a mass audience.

It’s predicted that they will only continue to grow in value in the next twenty years. Remember that this isn’t just because of the vehicle’s relative rarity; plenty of cars have had a limited production run but have faded away into obscurity rather than become collector’s items. What makes the Nevera unique is that it is one of the first all-electric European sports cars tuned for performance.

Porche 911

“When in doubt, buy the Porche” is a phrase that has held true for decades, and the odds are good that these cars will continue to be collector’s items for years to come. The 911 is already highly sought after by classic and sports car collectors and enthusiasts. Its relatively high price tag puts it out of reach for many younger buyers, but that doesn’t mean that the 911 isn’t a car many people aspire to own today. As these people increase their earnings over the next several years, demand for the car they yearned for in their youth will likely only increase.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been a highly sought-after vehicle by collectors and sports car enthusiasts for decades. After a brief hiatus several years ago, the redesigned Mustang was reintroduced to the market and quickly became one of the most sought-after vehicles for the affordable sports car market segment. For many people, the Ford Mustang is their first sports car, and plenty of people have held on to their first Mustang (or bought it again later in life).

This vehicle has been redesigned for the seventh time in the 2024 model year. It still features a 5.0 L turbocharged V* engine, and its $35,000 introductory price point has made it an ideal first car for people who love to work on their own cars. The Mustang has always been a classic and will continue to be one in the future.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has a unique look that grabbed attention when it first came onto the market several years ago, and the cars are still popular with collectors today. Looking like a cross between a sports car and an SUV, the Mini Cooper has been prized for its unique styling and excellent performance and handling. While marketed as a mid-priced sports car, many people have purchased Mini Coopers as their daily driver. There are whole communities dedicated to customizing and tuning the vehicles, with many owners holding on to these cars for well over a decade. Contact us to learn more!


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